Unintended Goodness

We planted no cherry tomatoes this year, yet we have lots of them.  Thanks to our wandering chickens and compost that must not have gotten hot enough, seeds from last year’s crop have been scattered over the farm, and volunteer cherry tomato plants are springing up everywhere.

We grew a variety called Matt’s Wild Cherry last year, because our neighbors wanted to try them.  They’re delicious little tomatoes but the plants are hard to tend and unless you’re very careful picking them or unless you clip them off the vine, they don’t keep.  I sometimes got frustrated with them last year because it seemed so wasteful to have so many more than we could use.  So we planted lots of grape tomatoes this year, but no Matt’s Wild Cherry. 

When the volunteers started springing up, I didn’t know what variety they were.  Turns out they were all Matt’s Wild Cherry.

The photos in this post all come from what started out as a patch of spinach.  When the spinach was gone I didn’t till the garden, figuring that could wait and I had more pressing things to do.  Now it appears to be a cherry tomato garden and we’re enjoying the fruits of it.  Notice that it hasn’t been weeded or tended in any way.  All the weeds probably protected the tomatoes from the effects of the brutal heat we’ve been having.  Maybe there’s a lesson there.

Love Wins