They’re Back

At the end of a busy hot day I planned to spend an hour or so floating around on the pond, followed by a fish supper if I was lucky.  But as I drifted past the exit pipe I saw, to my great disappointment, that beavers have returned.  So instead of fishing, I spent my time trying to undo some of the damage they’d done.  Not fun.

I spent a lot of last year stalking beavers and busting up their attempts to dam up our exit pipe.  It took a long time and a lot of effort but eventually they and their dams were gone.  But now they’re back and so are the headaches they bring.

If only they’d leave my dam alone, I might even come to tolerate them needlessly cutting down trees.  I actually enjoy watching them swim across the pond, flip over and slap their tails on the water.  But they just can’t help themselves.  Their beaver brains tell them that if water is passing through my dam it must be stopped.   And I know from experience that no matter how many times I unclog the pipe, they’ll have it blocked by morning.

When the pipe is blocked the water level in the pond rises and eventually pours into the spillway.  If left to their devices the beavers would block that too, not stopping until my dam broke and my very large pond headed downstream to flood my neighbors farm.  Unfortunately leaving them alone is just not an option. 

So here we go again.

But on a happier note, Sadie kidded and gave us a pretty little doeling which Will’s fiancee Sarah named India.  Sixteen of our last eighteen kids have been males, so it’s nice to have another female kid on the farm.

The snaps are coming in and the garlic is coming down.

If only there were no beavers in the pond.

Love Wins

2 comments on “They’re Back

  1. Welcome to sweet little India. She looks very happy to be here.

    However, I do understand about the beaver, or the snake from yesterday, and how life in the country forces decisions about how to live with nature and what must be done for the good of all.
    Do you have a conservation officer or three who might help with relocating the beaver? I’m probably dreaming of a different world where that might happen….


  2. Bill says:

    Hey Teresa: Beavers are nuisance animals here, and very destructive. I don’t know anywhere they could put them even if they would entertain the idea. Certainly not a problem I want to have right now… Sigh.


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