Empty Nest

We helped Peyton move back to school a couple of weeks ago.  She has to be in Fairfax for her job this summer and she’s taking a couple of classes while there.  By this time next year she will have graduated.

I’m happy for her.  She’s studying what she loves (Conservation Studies).  She just returned from a study abroad in Belize.   She is happy.

And now the nest is empty again. 

With the kids away at school most of the past few years, we’ve grown accustomed to it.  But I confess that it still feels weird sometimes.  I can testify that time really does fly.

The night after we helped her move Peyton was in my dreams.  But she was a little girl, two or three years old–plump and smiling her big smile.

Time marches on.  But sometimes it tugs on an aging man’s heartstrings as it does.

Love Wins