Off to the Goose

We’re leaving this morning for the Wild Goose festival.  It’s certainly not an ideal time to leave the farm.  It seems that pregnant goats and gardens are just waiting for me to leave.  But our son Will and family will be here to keep things reasonably in order until we return Sunday or Monday.

This festival was an integral part of the life change I implemented last year.  It was the inspiration I found there that gave me the courage to finally completely cut the chord and walk away from my law career.

No doubt I’ll blog afterwards about what we experience.  I’m excited to be in the company of our heroes like Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne and John Dear.  I’m looking forward to hearing Derek Webb, Gungor, Jennifer Knapp and David Crowder.  And as I know from last year, we’re certain to discover new voices that we’ll love. 

I’ve tried to try to set up the blog to continue publishing while we’re gone.  I usually have several of these posts done in advance, so maybe there will be new content in our absence.  I’ve never done it before, however, so I’m not sure it will work.  If not, I’ll just take a short break.


Love Wins