CSA so far

About 1/3 of the way into the year (the gardening year, that is) our CSA experiment has been successful, so far.  The feedback has been all positive and, most importantly, we were blessed with an abundance of Spring veggies.  Spring is always an iffy growing season here, so I was nervous that we might disappoint our members.  But this Spring we faced the issue of whether we were delivering too much, never whether we were delivering too little.

I’ve been keeping track of the weekly deliveries and posting them on our website.  It is satisfying to know that not only are our members getting great food, but they’re getting great value too.

And now we face the Summer.  So I’m nervous about whether the squash bugs will kill our squash, whether the tomatoes will make it, whether the deer will jump the fence and eat our beans and sweet potatoes, whether it will be too dry, or too wet, and so on and so forth.  And inside I feel pretty sure that everything is going to be just fine and we’ll be blessed with another abundant season.

I absolutely love the fact that we’re helping get healthy delicious locally-grown food into the homes of so many families.  I feel a bit like we’re poking little holes in the industrial food complex dike.  May the day soon come when that dike breaks and is swept away in a flood of organic gardens and happy healthy gardeners.

Love Wins