Morning Scenes

One of the first things I did this morning was check on this kid.  He’s been sick and has had me very worried about him.  I intervened with some aggressive worming and, although he’s still weak, he seems to be much improved.  He and his brother were orphaned when Angie died and even though they were old enough to wean at the time, they missed out on a lot of nutritious mother’s milk.  A couple of days ago I found him far off in the pasture, separated from the herd, lying down and very weak.  His healthy brother was with him.  I found that touching, sentimentalist that I am.  I carried the little guy all the way back to the barn and gave him some grain and medicine.  Hoping he’s now on the road to full recovery.

Here’s our Great Pyrennes guard dog Joey, on duty.  He’s a friendly happy dog, who can’t resist laying in horse poo and generally making himself as dirty as possible. 

Zsa Zsa is getting so fat that she prefers to sit while eating.

Johnny really wants to come over and eat their food.  But like all goats he hates getting wet, so my standing there with a hose in my hand keeps him safely at a distance.

Rush hour traffic on the farm.

A nice way to start a morning.

Love Wins

One comment on “Morning Scenes

  1. I love that the brother stayed with him. Such a dear little face. All these happy animals make me happy. Love wins, indeed.

    Everyone’s rush hour traffic should look like that.


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