Living sustainably is often challenging.  Some things are easy (like recyling) and some require discipline (like refraining from eating fast foods).  But sometimes it’s just plain hard to know what the right sustainable choice is.

Our lawnmower blew up.  We have lots of grass to keep cut so a zero turn seems like a necessity (although it probably isn’t–there’s another sustainability dilemma).  A few years ago I bought one when when our lawn tractor bit the dust.  I bought a decent mower, but it wasn’t cut out for the heavy duty mowing we have to do here.  I knew that when I bought it, but I couldn’t stand the thought of paying for a commercial grade mower.  Now, after a few years, that mower is junk.  I probably made the wrong decision.

Yet I agonized over what to replace it with.  I very nearly bought another entry level mower, but got some good advice, swallowed hard and bought a heavier duty machine.

But I’m still fretting about it.  It can’t be reasonable to expect folks who are trying to tread lightly on the earth and repudiate consumerism to go out and drop thousands of dollars on a lawnmower.  What did our ancestors do before lawnmowers existed? 

Whether it was the right move or not, we now own an expensive lawnmower.  Was buying it consistent with our ethic, or contrary to it?

Sometimes the answers just aren’t easy.

Love Wins