Good Company

It’s 9:30 p.m as I sit down to write this one.  I’ve just come in from finishing up the day’s chores.  I got started this morning before six. 

I really love this time of year.  It’s light well before six and stays light enough to work until after nine.  The long days leave lots of time for everything except sleep.  But even with all the sunshine it’s hard to stay caught up.  Everything grows fast this time of year–especially the weeds.

But today was a fruitful day.  With the help of a friend we eartagged three young does and moved them to another pasture.  And by the end of  this long day the sweet potatoes were planted and the deer fences were up.

The time between sunset and darkness is a great time to be outside.  It cools off and nature turns up the volume and turns on a light show.  This evening I finished up in the company of crickets, tree frogs, bull frogs, whipporwills and lightning bugs.  It was good company.

Love Wins