Being Outfoxed by a Groundhog

A groundhog has been eating my cucumber plants.  He lives in a den under a hollow oak tree.  I’ve seen him scurry away and duck into the hole several times.  He has plenty to eat without eating our gardens, but I reckon he can’t resist.

So I set a trap for him and baited it with some bread.

The next morning, instead of the guilty groundhog, I found a beautiful grey fox in the trap.

Our chickens are secure at night, so we have little to fear from foxes.  So to his relief, and to the great disappointment of White Flint’s rabbit and mouse population, I released him.

I reset the trap.  I’m not ready to give up on getting the groundhog.  Hopefully I won’t end up having to go all Carl Spackler on him.

Love Wins