Lettuce and Tomato

Cherie pointed out something recently that I’d never thought of before, but which I find very interesting.

In our culture we commonly combine lettuce and tomato.  We like BLTs, we commonly serve hamburgers with lettuce and tomato, we typically have lettuce and tomato in salads, etc.

I wonder how this practice originated.  It could not have existed a couple of generations ago.  Lettuce is a cool season vegetable (which can’t be preserved) and tomatoes only grow in hot weather.  It would be impossible to go out to the garden and pick lettuce and tomatoes for a meal.  Whenever we eat lettuce and tomatoes together, one or both of those vegetables has traveled a long way to get to the plate, and one or both or them is certainly not fresh and local.

But as a culture we’re now so separated from our food production that lettuce and tomatoes seem like a natural pair.

Just one more piece of evidence of an unnatural food culture.

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