In a world characterized by distrust and dishonor, it is refreshing to come across examples of the way things ought to be.   When I was growing up here in the country no one ever locked things.  Car keys were left in the ignition and doors on homes were always unlocked.  When my parents would go away for a two week vacation, they would leave the house unlocked.  In case anyone needed to get in.  There was no danger that anyone would steal from us.

Of course things have changed now.  Theft is common here in the country, probably because so many young people are addicted to drugs but also, in part, because the culture of honor and trust that existed here is vanishing.

But there are places where the old ways still rule.  A couple of days ago I drove to another farm to buy some animal feed.  These folks still make their own feed from grains grown on the farm.  When I got there no one was home.  So I backed my truck up to the shed, loaded what I needed, and left the money in a container in the shed that is there for that purpose.  That’s what I was supposed to do.  The container had at least a hundred dollars cash in it and the shed held lots of feed.  I suppose someone could have just loaded up his truck, cleaned out the container and driven away.  But these folks expect their neighbors wouldn’t do something like that, so nothing is locked and when they’re not home payment is on the honor system.

It’s a pity that kind of thing is so rare these days, and even a greater pity that it has to be.

Love Wins