Living Like Pigs

I’ve raised pairs of pigs twice before, but this is the first pair which has insisted on joining the goat herd.  These girls, Eva and Zsa Zsa, won’t stay in their pasture.  They crawl under the fence to hang out with the goats.

The goats seem unsure what to make of them, shying away when they come near.  But the pigs squeal and oink and romp around as if they are naturally part of the herd.  They try to play with the goats, who decline.  Only the bucks will engage with them at all, and that is just to butt them away.

I can only wonder what this dynamic will look like when the pigs weigh two hundred pound hogs.

So I decided to just open the gate and let them run together.  The reason I don’t like doing that is that I can’t keep the goats from eating the pig food.  Sheena particularly enjoys it (just as she enjoys dog food).  Gonna have to figure something out.  In the meantime, it’s an amusing situation.

These goats are now incredibly tame, but only to me.  They love me to scratch their bellies and I can even pick them up without objection.  But if any other human is with me they’re scared and unfriendly.  So unless that changes I won’t be able to share photos of them rolling over and closing their eyes in delight while getting a belly scratching. 

To return to a continuing theme here:  pigs don’t get belly scratchings in pork factories.

Love Wins

One comment on “Living Like Pigs

  1. I love this post – the metaphors for life, the implications for all of us – and those dear pigs who are so loving and accepting of their neighbors, the goats.


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