Good Neighbors

It rained hard last night.  A few hours earlier I had hay on the ground.  Had it rained on the hay, it would have ruined it.

We’ve worked late into the night getting up hay before.  But last night I had it all safely in the barn by nine o’clock.  For that I can thank a neighbor and his son, who loaded a trailer of hay while I was baling and put it in my barn for me.  Cherie and I were able to get up the rest of it well before the rain hit.

My neighbor has had some health issues lately and he really doesn’t have any business loading hay.  But he’s a farmer and, like most farmers around here, he lends a hand when he sees that one needs lending.

He didn’t need many square bales, so a few weeks ago he asked me if I’d bale his on halves.  He said he’d cut it if I would rake and bale it.  I responded that if he would cut mine too, then I’d rake and bale his and he could keep all his hay.  That made good sense to him since he’d already have his mower hooked up and my fields are very close to his.  Yesterday when I went to rake his hay I realized that my suggestion had been unfair to him.  His fields were much smaller than mine so he’d cut a lot more of my own hay than his.  We never said anything about him loading my hay, and having already done more than his “fair share” that was certainly not necessary.  But he helped me out of tight spot anyway.

I’d do the same for him of course.  We’d both do it for any of our neighbors. 

A pity that this kind of thing seems to be dying out.

Love Wins