Kelly and Kids

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting an update on Kelly and her kids Heeza and Sheeza (I’m pretending that there are such people), you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re doing well.  Once they were a few weeks old they could start to wean, so we didn’t need to bottle-feed them any more.  And the pressure on Kelly’s milk bag was relieved, allowing it to return to a more normal size (although it’s still a little lop-sided).

Heeza is still a pushy little rascal, who wants all the attention when someone is in the pasture.  He likes to jump on people and nibble their clothes.  We found consistently that a few bottles of milk will spoil a goat for life. 

Kelly makes good babies.  But this is twice in a row she’s had nursing issues, so we’ll be retiring her to a different pasture where we keep retirees and young females until they’re old enough to breed.  The only retiree there now is our grumpy old goat Maggie.  So even though we’ll be taking Kelly out of the breeding rotation, it will be good to give the adolescents a better adult role model.

Love Wins