Saturday before last, as I went outside to do the chores, I was thinking about the trip to Farmville we’d be making later that morning, to see our son graduate from Longwood University.  But even with the thoughts of a busy day swirling around in my head, the beauty of the morning was nearly overwhelming.

I stepped out of the house into an unseasonably cool air and a symphony of bird songs.  The sky was beginning to lighten in the east as a half moon still shone brightly overhead.  The animals all greeted me with joy.

The feeling flowed over me–I am blessed.

It was the just the beginning of what would be a wonderful day with family, sharing a milestone event.

I took some time during the day to reflect on some of the great times I’ve shared with our son on this farm.  He is part of the sixth generation (at least) of us who have lived and worked here.  He taught me a lot, even as I know he learned a lot.  I admit to being a little sad that he won’t be here this summer, even as I am happy for him as he launches into the world to begin a new journey of his own.

I ended the day as I began it–feeling very blessed.

Love Wins