Free Turnip Greens

“Free Turnip Greens.” 

So says a sign outside a Methodist church in a little community near here.  The congregation planted a garden of turnip greens behind the church, then gave them away to the anyone in the community who would come and pick them.  They even put out a container with bags to put the greens in.

Lots of folks in the community, many of them poor, accepted the offer.  Some folks picked greens for elderly neighbors.  And a little patch of land, which would otherwise go to complete waste, is producing good food for the community and by making it happen a church is showing some love to its neighbors. 

It takes very little effort to till a garden, sow it in turnip greens, and let folks in the community come and pick them.

I’d love to see this kind of thing happening at every church and on every unused public space in America. 

That may never happen, of course, but these kind of community gardens are springing up all over the place and that is a very very good thing.

As for the little church with the free turnip greens, I say “Bravo.”

Here’s a story about the turnip green church:

Love Wins