Like Pigs in Clover

Wednesday was graduation day for our piggies.  After a month in a barn stall they’ve become tame and ready to move out to the pasture.  The plan was for them to spend a day in the shed, acclimating, before being released.  But they would have none of that.  They promptly wiggled under the fence and joined the goat herd, as if they belonged there.

The goats are puzzled by them, which matters not a bit to the pigs.  They’ve been having fun rolling in the mud and eating clover, something the vast majority of pigs raised in this country never have the opportunity to do.

This is how pigs should live.  Sadly, most live like this instead.

Of course if we all refused to eat pigs raised in such conditions, those practices would end.

We’re pleased to be doing our small part here at White Flint.

Love Wins