Peas on Earth

It’s a great time of year, for lots of reasons.  But one especially nice thing about this time of year is the arrival of the English peas.

Almost everything we grow in the spring here we also grow in the fall, and the fall crops are generally superior.  English peas (along with asparagus) are a significant exception to that.  We only grow them in the spring and they are true tastes of the season.  Once they’re done, we plow them in and plant our black-eyed (purple hull) peas.  Those are a true taste of summer–but that post will have to wait.

We had a great year with the asparagus, but we have to give it a rest now so the garden can rejuvenate.  We’re pleased that the peas are picking up where the asparagus let off.

And English peas aren’t the only new arrivals around here.

Love Wins