New Ways

I’m excited about a couple of new planting techniques I’m using this year.  (Yes, I realize that the fact that this sort of thing excites me says a lot.)

I’m using the Florida weave method of staking and tying tomatoes.  I’ve heard and read lots of great reports about it and I’m hoping it will hold up the large heirlooms we plant and cut down on the amount of time I have to spend tying tomatoes.

I’ve been struggling trying to figure out the best way to make rows and really torn on whether I should buy a bedder.  I came across a blog post recommending just using a PTO-driven rototiller and the tractor tires to make raised beds.  I gave it a try and so far I’m very pleased with it.  I rototill the entire garden then raise the tiller and drive the tractor across the garden.  The tractor tires create alleys between a three foot raised tilled bed for planting.  I used this method on the gardens in which we planted watermelons, okra, cucumbers, squash and zuchinni.  Later I’ll use the cultivator to break up the compacted soil left behind the tractor tires.  Very simple and seems to accomplish what I needed without having to buy any more implements.

If these two new techniques work out they’ll free up a lot of time.  I’m naturally resistant to change, so trying something new doesn’t come easy to me.  Hopefully these techniques will be so successful they’ll become part of our regular practice here.

Love Wins