Finding Gifts We Have Long Neglected

The Christian faith needs to be reintroduced to all the important lessons that good land, clean water and nutritious food can teach us about the God we encounter in Christ Jesus. Now is the time to embrace again God’s vision of a creation able to celebrate God’s love. Such a vision placed up against a natural world that has been neglected by Christians will show us how to begin the work of redeeming God’s land. In practicing a faith cut off from the natural world, we have starved our theological imagination. If we continue to stay indoors in our daily practices as individual Christians and in the wider Christian community, we will find ourselves unable to truly read and understand the earthy vision of Christian scriptures and Christian praise for the God of creation that has been offered throughout time. A venture into the great outdoors will do more than restore a right balance to our Christian discipleship. By venturing out, we will see many new ways to connect the Christian story to the world’s needs now. In the process our imagination, and our tools for proclaiming the Good News, will find that there are ancient gifts available to us that we have long neglected.


Love Wins