Taming the Pigs

I’ve often heard it said that pigs are really smart animals.  That may be so.  But mine sure are capable of not-so-smart behavior.

I’ve posted before about how they will climb over in the water trough and pee while drinking.  Doesn’t seem very smart to me.

The piglets that we have in the barn right now are exasperating in a different way.  Whenever I give them water they’ll take a deep drink, then turn the water pan over with their snouts.  Again, not very smart.

Once they’re in the pasture we put the water in a trough too heavy for them to turn over, so at least we’ll be able to deal with that annoying trait.

On a brighter note, they’re quickly becoming tame now.  Instead of running away in a panic whenever I come around, as they originally did, now they run to me to see what I’m bringing them.  They’ll sniff my hand and they’ll let me pet them while they eat.  I reckon they’ll be tame enough for the pasture in about another week.

It’s been weird being here alone all week.  I’ve spent plenty of time away from Cherie before, but in the past it was always me travelling and her looking after the farm.  Seems strange for me to be here without her while she’s off plotting goodness in Haiti.  Looking forward to her return.

Love Wins