A few days ago I put up this as my facebook status:

For breakfast I had sausage and eggs. For lunch, blackeyed peas and sweet potatoes. For supper, meatloaf, squash, green beans and a fresh garden salad of baby Swiss Chard and dandelion. All natural and all from this farm. No poisons, no chemicals, nothing processed or shipped here from thousands of miles away. It’s how everyone should eat.

23 people “liked” it.

Someone sociologist should write a paper about facebook status updates.  Actually I imagine many such papers have been written.  I wonder if the scholars confirm my observation that folks are far more interested in reading what their friends had to eat than in reading socio-economic or political pontifications. 

I enjoy reading what folks put up on facebook and I tend to be drawn to the more serious postings.  I also enjoy interesting, inspirational or thought-provoking quotes.  But admittedly, to quote a friend, facebook is something I hate to love.

But back to my status, I wonder why so many folks liked it.  Is it because they acknowledge that this is the right way to eat?  I hope so.  If social media can be a soapbox, then I want to use my place on it to promote growing food and eating healthy.  It pains me when friends post about overeating in a joking way.  We’d all cringe if we had an alcoholic friend who posted something like, “Rough day at work.  Getting better since I cracked open the second bottle of vodka.  LOL.”  But it’s fairly common to see comments like that from unhealthy friends with the words “second bottle of vodka”  replaced by something like “second box of cookies.” Maybe I’m just too serious, but to me that’s not funny at all.

OK, that’s enough rambling about facebook. 

Hoping y’all all have great days and are nourished with natural goodness.

Love Wins