Many of the places in America where food insecurity is the worst are places where agriculture is the most signficiant economic activity.  How can that be?

I recently learned that Greensboro NC is ranked third in the nation in food insecurity, yet it sits in the middle of a state whose number one industry is now and has always been agriculture.

In our own area we have one of the highest rates of unemployment in the nation, yet most of the farm labor is done by Mexican seasonal migrant workers.  We have hungry and malnourished people, yet we are surrounded by some of the finest farmland in the world.  We have rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes far greater than the national averages, yet an abundance of good, healthy, life-sustaining and life-enriching food is available with hardly more than a few garden tools and a little physical effort.

Why does this happen?  Why are these farms and these gifts being neglected?

We need to look around and ask ourselves, WTF?  Why this failure?  Where’s the farms?  Where’s the farmers?  Where’s the food?  Where’s the future? 

WTF, indeed.

Love Wins