Eating Well

On Thursday Cherie and I attended the Critical Issues conference put on by the North Carolina Council of Churches in Winston-Salem.  This year the conference was titled “Eating Well:  For Ourselves, For our Neighbors, For our Planet” and addressed the social justice implications of what we eat and how it is grown. 

I enjoyed having the chance to meet Fred Bahnson and get a copy of his new book Making Peace With the Land.  It was also a privilege to be able to talk with Gail O’Day, dean of the Wake Forest Divinity School, about the food and faith curriculum they’ll be rolling out this Fall.

But probably what I enjoyed most about the event was the chance to spend a day with hundreds of people, mostly pastors, committed to creation care, stewardship and putting churches and faith-based groups at the forefront of the local food movement.  It was exciting to learn about so many community gardens up and going all over North Carolina thanks to hundreds of congregations that have embraced the truth that respecting and caring for creation honors the Creator.

May it ever remain so.

Love Wins

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