I watched Brene Brown’s Ted talk, linked on Jay Voorhees’ blog Only Wonder Understands.  Near the end she cites a study done at Boston College.  Researchers studied societal expectations in the US of what women and men need to do to conform to societal norms. 

The leading answers for women: 

  • Be nice,
  • Be thin,
  • Be modest and
  • use all available resources for appearance.

 The leading answers for men: 

  • Always show emotional control,
  • put work first in life (primacy of work),
  • pursue status and
  • violence

You can view the talk here:

Of course if we seriously thought that question through we could’ve arrived at those answers, even without the benefit of any academic study.  Our experiences and what we see around us in the world confirm those truths.

May the day soon arrive when our worth and value is determined by what really matters, not what doesn’t.  May we be the people we were intended to be, not the people a broken culture tells us to be.

Love Wins