Shaving and other things

Cherie makes lots of the things we use around the house that we used to buy in wasteful plastic containers and which were filled with harmful chemicals.

She makes our toothpaste, laundry detergent, deodorant, dishwashing detergent and other things.  She also finds sources for more sustainably packaged and produced things, like soap and shampoo bars.  I love the fact that we waste very little plastic around here and that we use products that are better for us and the environment, while helping small businesses and artisans.

My favorite is the shaving brush and shaving soap she bought me.  I’ve been using the soap for quite a while now and by looking at it I can’t tell that I’ve used any.  It’s going to last a long time.  All the men in America should be shaving this way.  Unfortunately the advertising industry convinced an earlier generation of us that modern men should use shaving cream from a can (making us sexier and more handsome, of course).  I’d love to see us all return to a more sensible way of shaving.  In any event, and for what it’s worth, I highly recommend the old-fashioned way of shaving.

These little changes around the house seem major at first, but within a few days they become the norm.  Now it would seem strange to me to pour shampoo out of a plastic bottle, rather than shampoo with a bar.  It would seem odd to squeeze toothpaste out of a disposable tube, rather than scoop it out of a reusable jar.  And it would definitely seem wasteful and silly to spray shaving cream out of a can, rather than lathering a bar of shaving soap with my brush.

Love Wins