A Taste of Honey

I start each morning lately with a spoonful of local raw honey.  It’s not only delicious, but it also helps my body fight off spring allergies.

We kept bees and collected our own honey for years.  But sadly, as I’ve discussed on here before, we lost our hives a couple of years ago.  Whereas before I had all the honey we needed and plenty left over, now I have to buy it from a neighbor.

Last year’s attempt to reestablish our hives was a failure, but we’re now trying it again.  We’ve installed two mature hives and so far the bees are doing great.

As I’ve warned before on this blog, do yourself a favor and get your honey from a local source.  If you buy it in a supermarket, even a place like Whole Foods, it will likely be from another continent, will likely be pastuerized, and will likely be from bees who were fed a diet of HFCS.  The stuff doesn’t even deserve to be called honey.

But if you find a good local source you’ll be able to enjoy what many folks believe to be nature’s perfect food.

Love Wins

One comment on “A Taste of Honey

  1. I’ve been buying honey from local sources for several years now and it does make a difference in so many ways. I hope your hives thrive and provide years of that golden goodness.


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