Jen in Haiti

When we met Jen Wride she was serving as a missionary with Danita’s Children in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.  It was our second trip to Ouanaminthe.  On our first trip we had gotten to know two wonderful groups of dedicated people–those with the Danita’s Children orphanage and those with the Lambs of God orphanage.  Both were rescuing and caring for desperately needy children and we became avid supporters and advocates.

We hit it off immediately with Jen and learned that she shared my passion for teaching Haitian children sustainable agriculture.  To my delight, Jen started a rooftop garden there and I have loved following its progress.

So it was quite a thrill to learn last week that Jen was visiting friends in North Carolina, three hours from here, and was willing to carve a day or so out of her schedule to come visit us.  She became the third missionary from Ouanaminthe to visit our obscure little corner of the world, as our friends and heroes Danita and Brenda of Danita’s Children had done before.

We had an awesome time visiting with Jen and, as she insisted, I put her straight to work on the farm.  She helped as we finished up the mushroom log innoculation, she helped me topdress the brassica garden and she plowed the gardens that will be corn and squash this year.  We were sorry when her time here was over.

Jen is experimenting with using the moringa tree to bring an important sustainable nutrition source to Haiti.  She will now be working with the Lambs of God orphanage run by Daniel Paul, a Haitian agronomist and pastor.  Pastor Daniel has 12 gardens around Ouanaminthe and the children in the orphanage are learning vitally important skills that they will be able to take into their homes when they are adults.

Visit Jen’s website HERE and please consider supporting her exciting and urgently important mission.

Love Wins