Our Yin and Yang

Cherie describes herself as a city girl.  She loves the beach.  Yet she is living on a farm in rural Virginia.

I know she experienced culture shock when we moved here 9 years ago and I know there were plenty of sad and lonely days.  But, as she said she would, Cherie has bloomed where she was planted and now is a great blessing to our community, thanks to her friendships and all the volunteer work she does.

But she has also become a great blessing on the farm.  City girl or not, Cherie is a tender and compassionate midwife to our goat mothers, she bottle-feeds the babies who need it, she washes the eggs everyday, she is expert at elimination of potato and squash bugs, she is the loving friend of our guard dog Joey, our grumpy horse Rowan and most of all to our farm dog Ginny.  She plants wildflowers and herbs.  She is our veterianary first responder.  She is the source of nearly every good idea we have.  When it is time to organize for market or CSA deliveries, she makes it go smoothly and saves me from continual embarrasment and failure.  She prepares delicious meals from the things we grow and raise here. 

I do a few things worthwhile around here, but I’m just the yin.  This place wouldn’t be what it is without our yang.

And while it makes me very happy to know of all the good Cherie is doing for kids in Haiti and for the poor and marginalized in our hometown, it also makes me very happy as I reflect on the things she does to help tend to our little slice of creation.

Love Wins