We’ve finished our second week of the CSA now.  With luck, we’ll be going for another eight months.

Of course it might seem a little silly to crank up the CSA in March, when there’s nothing ready to eat other than asparagus.  But our asparagus is so good it just seemed right to start early.  And we’ve been able to supplement it with fresh eggs, sweet potatoes and garlic.

The most important test of whether it made sense, of course, is how the members have reacted.  And they have loved it.  Who wouldn’t want fresh asparagus straight from an organic garden in March?

It’s been a joy to get all the compliments and to know that we’re teaming with folks who care about and appreciate good food and good farming.

I hope that someday, when most people are CSA members, our original members will be able to say they’ve been part of a CSA for a long time.

Love Wins


One comment on “Launched

  1. Ann Wood says:

    Making a new asparagus casserole….can’t wait to dig in this evening! This can be made with chicken included or not so I’m cooking the chicken separate…but this is the goodness that goes in…whole wheat egg noodles if I can find them, onion, red bell pepper, celery, veggie stock, sour cream, oregano, ASPARAGUS, parmesan cheese…doesn’t that sound delicious! Thanks, again!


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