The best looking lettuce we have on the farm wasn’t planted by us.  When we were preparing to mulch around the house we discovered these two volunteers, thriving.  Nature doesn’t have to guess about the perfect day to plant.

Two years ago we had a volunteer tomato plant emerge from the mulch next to our house.  I think our chickens deposit the seeds they consume with our table scraps into the mulch when they’re scratching around in it.  I staked the plant and we ate the tomatoes.

Last year I had tomatoes and pumpkins growing out of the compost pile.  This year there kale and onions are coming up.  But because we have to turn the pile and keep it hot, those won’t make it to our table.

A couple of years ago I found tomatoes growing at an old house on the farm that has been abandoned for at least 30 years.

It’s always interesting, and fun, to discover the volunteers.

By the way, Cherie and I ate the lettuce.  It was great.

Love Wins