Our Big Oak

There is a grand old red oak in front of the old farmhouse here.  When I was a boy I loved swinging in the big porch swing that hung from one of its branches.  That tree has shaded at least six generations of us.

Recently Cherie pointed out something about the tree that I’d never noticed before.   When the power lines were put in they zagged them, to avoid the tree.

The lines are on the north side of the road, except where our old oak stands.  There the pole is on the south side of the road.  The lines essentially move around the tree, then return to the north side.

So 80-something years later, I applaud whoever made the decision to save our tree.  I’d like to think my family insisted that the tree take priority over the power lines.  But whoever is responsible did a good deed.

My guess is that the tree is around 300 years old.  May folks 300 years from now still be admiring it.

Love Wins