Mushrooms, onions and other things

Yesterday we continued plugging shiitake mushroom spawn into white oak logs.  This is new to us, but we’re hoping for a delicious harvest next year.

We also finished planting our onions, about a month later than I’d hoped to do it.  Nevertheless, I’m worried I planted them too soon.  Tilling ground that isn’t dry enough can turn it into clods and obviously root crops don’t like cloddy soil.  I may have jumped the gun, in which case the onions will suffer.  Last year we didn’t get our onions planted until March 22, but we usually try to do it February.  One year the spring was so wet we never got them planted.  Another time we got them planted but it was so wet for the next couple of months that most of them rotted in the ground.  That’s just the way it goes on the farm.

As I was returning from planting the onions I noticed that many of the chickens were off in the woods.  I tried to get a good picture of them, but every time I came near they’d scurry away.  That caused me to wonder.

I wonder how many kids today know that chickens frighten easily or that pigs are sloppy eaters.  No doubt most kids use the word “chicken” to mean “scares easily” and no doubt most kids have heard the expression “eats like a pig.”  But as fewer and fewer children actually experience farm life, the underlying source of those expressions is as distant as all the sailing references we use in our slang.

That’s a shame.

Love Wins