Summer in Winter

That’s how it has seemed here lately.   Yesterday Cherie and I were walking on the farm and I noted how strange it seemed to have warm weather, sunshine, birds singing, frogs chirping, and no leaves on the trees.  Mother Nature may still have some winter left for us this year, but as we close in on the equinox we’re enjoying temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

Of course those high temps have me worrying about the cool weather crops that we’re planting now.  Over the past few days we’ve planted carrots, radishes, English peas, cauliflower, two types of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, two types of lettuce, mustard greens, kale, collards, turnip greens and onions.   All of those prefer cool weather.  Cool weather crops are always dicey in the spring here.  In fact, if not for the CSA I’d only plant onions and peas in the spring.   We do so much better with everything else in the fall, and produce so much more than we need then, that it doesn’t seem worthwhile to plant these in the spring.  But I want to make sure we have plenty of goodies for our CSA members in the spring, so we’re giving it a shot.

Our asparagus is coming up strong, weeks ahead of normal.  We ate our first picking at supper last night and it was just awesome.  As much as I enjoy the asparagus we put up from last year, nothing beats it straight from the garden.

Our herd continues to increase.   We have 63 goats now, including 20 nursing kids and 10 nannies due over the next 30 days.  That makes me smile.

I had intended to put a bunch of photos in this post but, alas, our crummy internet service is making that impossible.  High speed internet is about the only thing I miss about city living.  When I see beautiful farm blogs filled with pictures and video I can only wonder how they can do that when we can’t (having just spent close to an hour trying to load pictures into the post, only to have them vanish when the internet kicked off–  grrrr).  But I’ll save my griping about our internet service for another day.

Planting continues today.  It’s a very good time of year.

Love Wins