Moving and Not Moving

I sat down to type this post and began typing out the title “Moving Forward.”  In our culture that sounds like a good thing—moving forward, marching ahead on the path of perpetual progress.  But after a moment’s reflection I wasn’t sure if I liked that image.  “Moving forward” hasn’t always been a good thing.  So maybe it’s better to think in terms of “changing.”  But of course often change isn’t good either.  Sometimes it’s best not to change; not to move.  Some of what we’re doing might fit our notion of “moving forward.”  And some might best be described as “not moving,” staying put, holding our ground.

OK, enough of that.  Moving or not, things are happening.

We have a website again.  You can visit it HERE.  We deliberately made it unsophisticated.  For those who remember the old one, you’ll notice that this one is simpler.  We responded to a suggestion that we include lots of photos.  I’m not sure we even need a website these days, but whether we do or don’t, we’ve got one now.  Let us know if you have any commments, feedback or suggestions.

We’re close to having a farm logo.  Our friend Jason of Wisely Woven is doing the prototypes and he’s so good at what he does that he’s making our choice very difficult.  Here are the latest iterations.  Would love any comments or feedback.

Most importantly of all, the plantet’s tilt and its location along its orbital path are increasing the daylight hours and the average daily temperatures.  In other words, spring is almost here and its time to plant.  We will be entering into the cycle of agriculture that has sustained humanity for thousands of years.  That makes us happy.

For us, this planting season will be different from all those which have preceded it.  We are planting not just the literal seeds of new crops, but metaphorically we are planting the seeds of a new beginning on White Flint Farm.  Around the country there are hundreds, probably thousands, of farmers on the same journey.  We are all determined to become part of a web of revitalized farming communities where small sustainable farms have partnered with the community to help provide good food to good people.  If this year there are thousands of us, may there soon be millions.

Love Wins