My World Problems

By now we’ve probably all heard the expression “first world problems.”  It’s meant to remind us how some of the things that frustrate us are so petty compared to “third world problems.”  So, for example:

No safe drinking water:  third world problem. 
Slow internet connection:  first world problem. 
Children starving:  third world problem. 
Slow line at Starbucks:  first world problem.

Then there are “my world” problems.  They’re not third world problems, but they certainly aren’t first world problems either.  Examples:

The goats eat the dog’s food. 
The dog eats the goats’ food. 
The dog beds down on the hay I put out for the goats and horse to eat. 
The chickens perch on the waterer and poop into their water. 
Kids curl up and go to sleep in the feed bowls, then wake up, stretch and pee in them.

“My world” problems. 

Love Wins