I attended the Q3 Science and Faith conference at Asbury Seminary this week, where I met lots of great people and drank from a firehose spewing theology, quantum mechanics, astro-physics, molecular and evolutionary biology, neurobiology and more.  Still trying to process it all.

One of the highlights was Dr. Philip Clayton’s talk on Emerging Science and the Emerging Church.  I hope the talk will eventually be available on youtube and if it is, I might link it here.  It was an exciting walk through the emerging sciences, followed by some insightful thoughts on the evolution of the church and the consonances between the two.

The presentation was peppered with quotes from those whose work we admire–including Brian McClaren and Shane Claiborne.  It was a privilege to be able to chat briefly with Dr. Clayton after his talk and have him sign a copy of one of his books.

He read a poem by Mark Scandrette that is worth sharing here.


In my mind’s eye
I am flying high across the sky
Swooping in and out and dropping low,
Touching the ground of city streets
Like a spirit of God hovering over primordial waters
Of lump clay earth.
I am waking up
I am daring to dream again
I hear the voice
I hear the voice
I hear the voice over the waters saying to you and to me:
“I am here.
The hidden whisper of love.
That beautiful and terrible story you hunger to hear.
Be still!
Be still sacred scared child.
Awake from your stubborn numb slumber
Open those sleepy eyes to my morning daylight
It will not burn away any good it finds in that hungry cracked heart.
Life with me
Taste and see the splendor of
my blooming spring garden rest weary home
Weep while you can.
While you still feel
While the pain is still real
While my love still heals.”
Nonfiction in full color
Humanity and divinity live in concert together.
The “I” and the “we” making sweet synergy.
It’s the song we all long to hear
Let the aria resound, may the earth shake with the reverberation of your ancient apocalyptic prodigious creativity.
ReIMAGINE! All our voices in harmony with yours, Lord.
Samba, Romba, Rhimba
Afro-Cuban beats
Italian Opera
Salsa Latina
Tai-Chi Mariachi
Three Chord Punk Rock bleats and the symphony
The Trance, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Do wop, Swing
Big Band Bleeding Heart Acoustic Folk Middle Eastern Dirge
Zeideco, Howling Blues and the Salvation songs of plantation slave spirituals singing:
“We shall overcome.” “We shall overcome.”
A spiral, whirling miracle, of you and me and us swept up in the Creator’s remaking.
Creator Recreate
Here. Now. Instigate.
A revolution of faith, hope and love.

Bring on the revolution.

Love Wins