Chinese Apple Juice

Most of the apple juice consumed in this country comes from China.  Think about that.  China.  Nothing is more American than an apple, but we import our apple juice from China.

The apples are raised, harvested, concentrated and frozen in China, then floated across the Pacific Ocean to the U.S., where the concentrate is reconstituted, bottled (or boxed), then trucked all across America.

What in the heck are we doing importing so much of our apple juice?

Of course it isn’t just apples that we import.  Many of the “fresh” fruits and vegetables Americans buy come from China, South America and Mexico.  Sometimes seasonality is an issue.  We’ve generally lost our understanding of seasonal eating.  But mostly the reason is money.  The cost of production is so much cheaper in China, Mexico and Chile that even with the added cost of supertankers and millions of gallons of fuel, the price in the supermarket for imported food is usually cheaper than what is grown in our neighborhoods.  The stuff from overseas is simply more profitable to the companies who make, distribute and sell it.

This method of food distribution is madness.  It relies on nonrewable energy.  It is dangerously unsustainable.  And it is all unnecessary.

Take the extra time to look carefully at the labels on the food you buy.  Figure out where it came from.  If it came from overseas, wonder about why.  Think about how it might have been produced and how the laborers there are paid and treated.  Think about your neighbors who are being driven out of business by those practices.  Think about the best farmland in the world that is lying idle all around us.

Locally grown food is the best food.  Consider shopping at places that sell food produced locally.  Consider not shopping at places that don’t.

Love Wins