Seeing Things

I love this view from the back of our house.  Seeing it so often is one of the joys of living here.  But if left to my own devices, we wouldn’t have this view.

When we were deciding where on the farm to build our house, it would never have occured to me to build where we did.  The spot our house stands on was on the boundary of some woods and a tobacco field.  The view to the mountain wasn’t nearly as good, because there was a stand of Virginia pine that had overgrown the edge of the field that is now the pasture.  I don’t have the vision to look at a place like that and imagine the view if a few simple changes were made.  In my mind the house would have to be either where the original farm house was (near the road) or maybe sitting in the middle of a field.  My brain has trouble visualizing a place changed.  So if Cherie asks me what I think a room would look like if the furniture were rearranged, I can’t answer unless we actually move it there.  And if the question is what the place would look like if a wall were moved, then I’m completely stumped.  I just don’t have it.

Fortunately for us Cherie has that kind of vision.  So she knew the best spot to build our house.  She knew what the floorplan should be.  She knew where it made sense to move windows and doors on the plans.  She knew where we should put the barn.  Her vision made things turn out right.

So as I look to expand our gardens this year, I get really stressed out sometimes trying to figure out where they should go and how the rows should be oriented.  Once they’re laid out, I have no trouble tending them and keeping them.  But in the meantime, sometimes I feel like my head is spinning over something as simple as where a new fence should go.

But despite the fact that I make it harder than it ought to be, things are coming together now.  I’m breaking ground on new gardens and hoping I’ll be able to properly tend them all.

Maybe someday I’ll even figure out how to visualize change.

Love Wins