As a little snow and ice start falling on the farm, I’m enjoying some of Cherie’s granola, right out of the oven, and reflecting on the past couple of weeks.  We have five new kids, joining the 12 we already had. 

Prudence's buckling

But, sadly, our good old goat Judy passed away this week.  I realize that farm animals should never die of old age, but on this farm some will.  That’s just the way it’s going to be.  Judy will be missed.

We drove to Bedford on Tuesday evening to attend the Land and Table meeting there.  We loved being in the company of a bunch of like-minded folks and we’re really looking forward to hosting the initial Danville area Land and Table meeting here on Sunday.  It was late when we returned and when I checked on the goats Barbie was missing.  I knew she was due so also knew what her absence meant.  I found her way back in the back pasture with a cute little kid.  Barbie was spooked but they wouldn’t have been safe from coyotes back there, so I had to carry the kid all the way back to the barn, with Barbie protesting the whole way.  As I did I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the beauty of the clear night sky lit by a bright full moon.


We’ve begun preparing the gardens for spring.  Last year the asparagus started coming up on March 9, two to three weeks earlier than normal.   Yesterday I discovered that it is starting to come up now, a month earlier than last year.  Amazing.


We’re in the last stages of finalizing our CSA membership and we should be rolling out our new website and farm logo soon.

Cherie with Joni.

Later this week I’m going to be innoculating oak logs with mushroom spawn.  That means, hopefully, fresh shiitake mushrooms in a year.

Loving life right now.

Love Wins