Pastor Daniel’s: peanuts and new kids

On our first trip to Haiti we had the privilege of meeting Pastor Daniel Paul, who with his wife Clennie, operates an amazing orphanage in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.  Pastor Daniel received his seminary education in the U.S., but he is Haitian and was trained as an agronomist in Haiti.  He and his wife, with help from an American nurse/missionary who we love and admire, not only raise and care for orphaned girls, but they also operate a village school.  The lunch that the children get at school is the only food most of them get every day.

One of the things that most impressed me about Pastor Daniel is that he is passionate about raising as much of their own food as possible and that he is teaching these skills to the children.  He understands complementary planting and his gardens are wonderful.  We are, have been, and continue to be, enthusiastic supporters of his “Lambs of God” orphanage.

We get regular updates of what’s happening there.  As y’all can imagine, I was excited to learn that they recently harvested over 3,000 poounds of peanuts, without using any machinery.  Things like this are just further confirmations that it isn’t necessary to have tractors and expensive farm implements to grow more food than we could possibly eat. 

The Lambs of God orphanage operates with very limited support from the U.S.  It just doesn’t have the visibility here that NGOs run by well-connected Americans have.  Last week the government shut down an “orphanage” (probably being run by shysters) housing 21 children in miserable conditions.  The children were mostly naked, were hungry, sleeping on the ground in a tent and being completely neglected.  The 13 boys were taken in by Danita’s Children–the incredible orphanage that I post about frequently.  The 8 girls were taken to Lambs of God.

These children are getting much needed love and care now.  They are going to school for the first time.  But they will need sponsors.  For information of how to sponsor the kids at Danita’s click HERE.  For information on how to help the kids at Lambs of God, click HERE.

Love Wins