A few days ago we received a letter from two of our friends and CSA subscribers.  They were one of the first to subscribe and their encouragement, support and friendship have a great blessing to us over the past year as we embark on our journey.

In the envelope was a lovely encouraging handwritten note and a check for the CSA share. 

But there was another check as well–a generous gift for food for the poor.

We get such a thrill when we are able to partner with folks who understand fully what we’re trying to do and be a part of.  Folks who want the healthy and healing benefit of real food, produced naturally.  Folks who want to be a part of keeping small family farms alive in our community.  Folks who understand the ethic and philosophy that motivates ordinary radicals like us.  And most of all folks who appreciate the importance of sharing with those suffering from hunger and food insecurity.

Thanks to our special friends for the boost, the support and the love.

Love Wins