This blog has a feature which reports the search term used by viewers who reach the blog through a search engine.   So for example yesterday someone came here by searching the term “practicing resurrection.”  Someone else had searched the term “gatsby as an unresourceful man.”  And someone ended up on this blog by searching the term “naked children.”  That search was an image search.

The thought of someone doing internet image searches for naked children is revolting.  But, sadly, I’ve been encountering that sort of thing frequently on this blog.

Why?  Because back when I used to blog a lot about Haiti, I mentioned how common it is to see children so desperately poor that they have no clothes to wear.  And on another ocassion I described how our friends there had rescued children in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake, some of whom were naked when they found them.

As far as I can tell none of these twisted searches has actually resulted in anyone reading my blog.  They seemed to be intended instead to turn up images which will obviously never appear here.

I’ve been copying some of the search reports to document this.  Have a look at what some person or persons is actually trying to find:

On 12/24:

Search Views
naked five year old boy       1
is vegetarianism unscriptural       1
practicing resurrection       1

On 1/4

american consumerism and self storage 1
naked five year old boy 1
massive cornish chickens 1
wendell berry resurrection 1

On 1/14

circumcised children naked boys 3
“amputee boy” 3
amputee cast 2
palestinian rock tank 1
was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now 1
a product that is overconsume by our economy 1

On 1/17

naked amputee boy 3
“we who hated and slew one another, and because of differences in customs would not share a common hearth with those who were not of our tribe” 1
karl rahner’s exclusivist idea 1
inflation chart 1
how are rahner’s ideas exclusivist and inclusivist 1
resurrection suspension december 2011

On 1/21

naked boy from haiti 2
year old boy naked 2
photo: boy with cast on broken leg 1

More evidence, I suppose, of what a broken messed-up world it is.

I don’t expect this person will ever actually read anything I write.  But if you do, please get help.

Love Wins