Just Do It

We produce nearly all the food we need right here on our farm.  We do buy some groceries (things such as coffee, tea, and bread), but we don’t have to. 

We have potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and garlic stored in the basement.  Our freezer is stuffed full of all sorts of delicious veggies from the farm, as well as venison, fish from our pond, a few chickens, and a rabbit.  Our hens lay fresh eggs for us every day.  Our gardens are still producing greens.

I know I sound like a broken record (or to update that metaphor–an ipod on repeat), but this kind of food self-reliance is easily attainable by almost everyone who is in good health and has just a little space.  Not only is there great satisfaction in being free from dependency upon industrial food, but the food we produce and eat is far healthier and tastes far better than anything the corporations are creating and sending to the supermarkets.

If the idea of taking responsibility for the production of your own food sounds good to you, why not let 2012 be the year you started doing it? 

Love Wins

4 comments on “Just Do It

  1. Amy says:

    I honestly, seriously, no joke want to learn how to do this. How to you recommend that someone get started? I have a (tiny) bit of vegetable gardening experience from growing up, but not a whole lot. I’d love to learn all of you and Cherie’s recipes for everything from toothpaste to gardening tricks. I will trade you: I’ll make your clothes, you can teach me how to grow my own food.


  2. Bill says:

    Amy! That is awesome. I’ll send you more info now, but you should google “square foot gardening” and “lasagna gardening” for good starts. Also try to connect with any local group of urban gardeners. So psyched that you are interesting in this journey.


    • Amy says:

      Will do! My sister in law sent me a link awhile ago that had some square foot details. My husband and I would LOVE to get started. Growing up, my mom and dad grew a huge garden and my dad hunts, so I grew up eating lots of fresh veggies, etc. Now going to the grocery seems awful!

      Thanks for the inspiration, and for sending any info along that you have!!


  3. wandabar says:

    I like Ruth Stout’s method….but not sure it’s really that easy. 🙂


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