4th Generation

Here’s better pictures of our two newest kids. They are the first 4th generation kids on the farm.

Holly's kid with Fancy, one of his three mamas.

Prudence's firstborn

We’re still waiting on Judy and Marie to kid.   They’re taking their times.  By next week three more nannies will be due.  I love new life joining the farm!

Yesterday I took advantage of more amazing and unseasonably warm weather to break ground for another garden.  Like many things I do around here, doing that reminded me of a Wendell Berry poem.

We have lots of exciting things on the horizon for the farm.  The response to our CSA has been positive and we may expand beyond our original plan.  We’ll be adding beehives this spring to replace the ones we lost, so we’re also excited about having honey again.  And we’ll also be raising pigs for the first time in two years, and offering shares to our friends who want great healthy pork from pigs raised naturally and humanely.

Thanks to a great idea from Cherie, we’re also going to be making free trade coffee, tea and chocolate available through our CSA, for folks who want to enjoy those things without being complicit in slavery.

In a few weeks we’ll be hosting the debut Danville area Land and Table gathering.   Our friend Jason of Sustainable Traditions launched this initiative in the Bedford area and we were fortunate enough to attend one of the gatherings there.  The gatherings are a way sustainable farmers in the community can get together to share ideas and concerns, and to facilitate a network to promote good agriculture and good food.  We feel very privileged to be a part of kicking that off in our community.

It’s going to be a great year here on White Flint Farm.

Love Wins