Home Again

After a very long day driving, it feels good to be back home.  I spent the last week in Florida, having my brain stretched and scrambled by a theology class.  I much prefer life here on the farm where, this morning, I got to hear woodpeckers while taking big breaths of unconditioned air, scented with wood smoke.

As they are prone to do, the goats waited until I was gone to start kidding.  Sadly, three out of the five didn’t make it.  Although we’ve always seemed to have high mortalilty in the winter kidding, I was hoping that wouldn’t happen this time.  The weather was mild and we had had 15 born in November and December without a single death.  But unfortunately Peggy’s buckling didn’t make it and poor Fancy delivered stillborn twins.  But the two who were born alive (one buckling to Prudence and one to Holly) are cute and healthy.

Peggy and Holly are twins and they kidded (their first kidding) on the same day.  They seem to be co-parenting the little guy.  I saw him nursing Holly this morning and Cherie has seen him nursing Peggy, who is not his mother.  I love that they are sharing the baby.  Fancy seems to be joining in with them too.  The picture above, which unfortunately is a little blurred, is all three mamas and their jointly possessed son.  So the little dude is going to got lots of motherly love.

While in Florida I received word that I’ve been elected into “Florida Super Lawyers.”  That’s kind of funny, considering that I no longer live in Florida and no longer practice law.  I can only chuckle and shake my head.

Love Wins