The Top 5 Posts of 2011

WordPress sends out a report to bloggers at the end of the year, identifying their 5 most viewed posts of the year.

The top five for Practicing Resurrection were:

5.  Conquest and Christianity
My take on the Biblical conquest stories.  I expected to catch a lot of heat over this, but instead it was well-received in discussions on the net. 

4.  The Wesleyan Quadrilateral
The popularity of this post is further proof of the existence of the species neridicus theologicus. 

3.  The Burden of the Gospels
Alas, Wendell Berry wrote this, not me.  But I’m pleased to see so many folks reading it.  It is one of my favorite essays.

2.  Danita Estrella
Danita is one of our heroes.  This was also one of the most popular posts of 2010.  Lots of folks google her name and many of them end up on my blog for a while. 

And the number one most popular blog post of the year was (drum roll please)…………..

1.  Good Eggs
It is fitting that at least one of my most popular posts should be about food.  This post spread around through social media I think.  It was my most viewed post of the year and the day I posted it was my busiest day.  Because I’d linked to photos from our website, which has since gone dark, the pictures aren’t there anymore.  They are an intregal part of the post so I’ll work on re-inserting them.

Thanks for reading in 2011.

Love Wins