Eating Crap

Several years ago I began editing out a lot of crap in my life.  Crap may seem a strong word, but I can’t think of another one that captures the meaning I’m seeking that isn’t even stronger.  One of the things I eliminated was television.  I regret that I can’t have back all those hours I spent in front of a TV screen watching other people play sports, but I’m glad to know that in whatever life I have left I won’t be wasting it that way.

Eliminating fast food from my diet felt harder to me than eliminating television.  Like so many Americans, I’d become accustomed to eating in my car when in a hurry, and like so many Americans I was usually in a hurry.  Although I was never as addicted to the stuff as so many of us are, I would find myself eating sausage biscuits from McDonalds or Bojangles pretty regularly.  Then one day, in disgust, I swore off fast food forever.  It’s now been 4 or 5 years since I ate any of the stuff they pass off as food and I have no intention of ever eating any of it again.

At first I felt that by giving up the stuff I was making some kind of sacrifice.  I was a protestor, shaking my fist at the corporations which are fattening and sickening us, torturing animals and polluting the planet.   I felt that I was giving up a pleasure to make a point. 

Now I can only laugh and shake my head at that notion.  Within months, if not weeks, of weaning my body from their greasy junk, I had no desire whatsover to eat it.  Now when I see lines of cars waiting at some fast food drive thru window to get meals wrapped in paper, the thought of putting that stuff into my body is repulsive.

I still love sausage biscuits.  But sausage home-made from a hog raised on pasture just isn’t comparable to the stuff served by the fast food joints, which is so greasy and nasty that the paper it’s wrapped in is often wet and slimy to the touch. 

I don’t think my experience is unusual.  I’m confident that if Americans stopped eating fast food for a couple of months and allowed their bodies to detox, most of them would never go back. 

Imagine America without fast food restaurants.  We’d not only be much healthier, but we would actually be able to experience once again the pleasure of good food.

Love Wins