Another Year

This is the time of year when folks tend to reflect on the events of the past year and make resolutions for the coming year.  So I’ve spent a little time thinking about the last 12 months and the 12 before me.

2011 was, of course, a monumental life-changing year for me.  After 26 years of practicing law, I retired just before my 51st birthday.  While this had always been my plan, it wasn’t easy to do.  I am naturally resistant to change and walking away from my law career at it’s peak is obviously a dramatic change.  Some important events in my life over the previous few years, and a lot of soul searching, had started me on the path, but it might not have happened had we had not gone to the Wild Goose Festival.  I was so inspired and awed there that I just couldn’t continue to live a life inconsistent with the values that I profess.  So I took a mighty leap and am excited (even as I am nervous) to see where it goes from here.

Will has begun his final year of college.  Peyton is a junior.  Both are doing well and preparing to launch into a messed-up world.  While I’m very happy for them, it’s sad for us too.  Any parent will know what I mean.

Cherie will graduate with her masters this spring, on the very same day Will graduates college.  I will graduate the following spring, at the same time Peyton graduates.  I wonder what the demand will be then for ex-lawyer farmer-theologians?

My goals for 2012 include helping our farm help lots of folks eat healthy natural food.  I intend to focus my work on the areas where I feel I am called.  With God’s help, I will try to purge myself of bitterness and try to be constantly animated by love.

It’s going to be a good year.

Love Wins