Babies are born and babies grow up.

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of our first-born, 22 years ago.  Now he’s on the verge of graduating college.  All grown up.  It honestly seems to have flashed by.  It was great to be able to spend part of the day with him yesterday.

Then last evening, after I locked the chickens up for the night and was heading back toward the house, I heard a goat kid crying and a lot of fuss from our guard dog Joey.  Suspecting he’d gone a little nuts again, I went out to the pasture to find that our nanny Missy had kidded and Joey was keeping her away from the kid.  I wish I knew why that dog gets his wires crossed like that sometime.  Cherie and I managed to get the mama and her kid (a little doeling we’ve named Jennifer) to a barn stall and away from Joey.  When I checked on everyone later Joey was laying in the hay fast asleep.  Most of the time he’s completely indifferent to the birth of kids.  But sometimes he gets freaky.  If we take him away coyotes will eat the kids so for now we’ll just have to continue keeping a close eye on things during kidding season. 

Farm life.

Love Wins